Get the best tips and tricks to play NBA live on your mobile

In today’s world there are a lot of games available on various operating systems. The present century has seen a rapid rise in the advancements of technology. More and more video games get launched into the market and customers in turn are relishing the newly launched titles. There are a lot of games available on your mobile phone for you to enjoy and play. Playing games on your mobile device is fun because you can play it anywhere you want. There are a lot of games available on mobile platforms. NBA Live Mobile basketball is one such game which has recently become popular among game enthusiasts and the average person alike. This game offers you to play in an immersive environment with high quality graphics and game play. You get to challenge and play with your friends also. In this article we shall tell you the guide and tips for play nba live mobile game better.

Read on to find out more. Tips and tricks for NBA Live mobile.

NBA Live has been on the top of the rankings in the Apple and Android stores. The game has downloads over ten million and keeps getting more with each passing day. Players can opt to build their teams, engage with their opponents with 5 players on each side and can even connect with NBA on their live events. While this game might seem a bit difficult at first to some players because there is a steep learning curve involved, our tips and tricks will ensure that you learn the ropes in no time.


1. When you first start playing the game you have the option of choosing your team. You can always opt for the team you like. However to increase your chances of winning you can go for the team with the highest stats. This way you can have an easy start. Like the original NBA, you have the options of focusing on your power house members to fill out the game rosters. In the game you have setups like Big Man, Defensive and Two way line ups.

2. Playing through the seasons in the game can be quite beneficial for you. Each time you complete a game within the seasons you earn some coins and XP. You also get bonus rewards sometimes. Always make sure that your line up is string when you are playing these game modes. Thus you can collect a lot of coins and XP this way.

3. Auto play is a handy feature in this game. The computer automatically controls your players for you. It can be useful for grinding through the seasons and you can have a decent win streak.

4. Daily Grind and Daily Grills are live events that reward you with coins, XP and card packs. Some of these can be played often and you can collect a lot of card packs with them. Some of them also have difficulty levels which are changeable and enabling you to get more rewards.

5. The achievements in the game are a useful way for you to get some extra cards and coins. Be sure to check them out every once in a while.

6. You can combine low value cards into a higher value card by sacrificing a number of low value cards into one high value card.

7. Auctions are another great way for you to collect different types of player cards. Use them to build an all star line up and ensure that your team stands the strongest of the opponents.

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